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Registration Information

Summer Registration Fees:

Final registration fees will be dependent on selected tournaments and final roster size.  On the team pages we are providing last years fee for an estimate. We anticipate finalizing prior to January 1st, hopefully much sooner.

Not For Profit / Sponsorships / Fundraiser

In an effort to reduce fee's, we have a goal of reducing costs by 15-20% through sponsorship donations.  Unity has filed to be a Not For Profit Organization, and once approved we will be soliciting businesses for a donation to offset player cost. 

In addition, an optional fundraiser consisting of selling raffle tickets will be offered late winter/early spring.  For each ticket sold the player will have $8 deducted from their final balance.  See below for additional details.

Registration Payment & Payment Plan

If selected to the team, you will be required reserve your players spot with a $150 non refundable payment within 1 week of being notified.  50% of the remaining balance will be due on Feb 1 and full payment by April 15.

We can also schedule a modified payment plan if needed.

Player Package

Registration fee will include a player package consisting of a reversible jersey, game shorts, shooter shirt and sweatshirt supplied by Powell Lacrosse.  Your non refundable deposit will be used to purchase the player package.

Raffle Tickets

To reduce cost of participation, Unity is offering an optional fundraiser consisting of selling raffle tickets.  For each ticket sold the player will have $8 deducted from their final balance payments due on 2/1 and 4/1.

For those interested, a maximum of 15 tickets will be distributed at the 10/18 fall practice.  Additional tickets can be obtained only after you have sold and returned money for the first 15 tickets.  All money and ticket stubs must be turned in by 12/6.  We will make arrangements for pickup/drop off.  Once the money is received, we will provide a receipt for credit off your registration fee balance.  The expectation is that all money and tickets (sold and unsold) will be returned to Unity Lacrosse Club.

For alternative ways to sell raffle tickets to friends and family who are not local, we will offer purchase through Venmo @unitylacrosseclub.  Whoever purchases should note the players name and we will fill out a ticket and credit the player.

Brandi McConnell will be handling the Raffle Ticket administration.  Please contact her by email at or by text or phone at 315-767-0041 if you have any questions; to return money and tickets; and/or to obtain additional tickets.


Admin Unity Lacrosse Club

Phone: 315-767-0268

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